There is a price tag on my item that shows a price that is a lot cheaper than what I paid. Why?

We not only sell on eBay, but also to the public who come into our shop and to customers who purchase from our own e-shop. The price tag you see is what is paid by our walk in customers.

Once we add eBay's fees and Paypal's fees ... we arrive at the final selling price you paid on eBay.

Example Price Breakdown

Our selling Price: 27.81
eBay Fees (including shop monthly fees) : 1.90
PayPal Fees: 1.15
Our Profit: 0.62

As you can see, if eBay shops are to remain competitive and still make sales ... we are forced to give our profit away. Please take that into consideration before you leave feedback or send e-mails stating "we have ripped you off because the price on the box is considerably lower".



The answer is most certainly not.

Why do the first set of inks seem to run out so quickly then?

The answer to this is really quit simple. When you purchase a new printer, all the ink channels within the printer are empty. During the initial ink charge the first time you turn your printer on, all these ink channels must first fill up before you will be able to print with satisfactory quality. This initial ink charge will only need to be done once when your printer is new. You should not interrupt this initial ink charge. It must be left to run to its completion which on some printers may take more than a minute. If you do interrupt this initial ink charge, it will start all over again the next time you start your printer. This will of course use a lot of ink un-necessarily and often results in you reporting a faulty printer.

I have seen many brand new printers brought into the Express Centre with the report that the printer is using lots of ink. Two main causes (were genuine inks are used) : -

* The initial ink charge has not been allowed to complete

* The printer is not being allowed to shutdown correctly. Do not just turn the printer off at the wall. Use the power button on the printer and wait for it to turn off correctly before finally turning off the switch at the wall

Epson have started selling certain model new printers with a special higher capacity ink to increase your print numbers on new printers.


The inks you supplied seem to have run out very quickly. Can you replace them please?

The short answer is normally no.

You will have to return the apparent faulty cartridge to me. I will have it tested with special software that will give us the following information: -

  • How many pages the ink has printed
  • What quality setting you were using
  • How many ink cleans you have performed on that ink
  • Correct shutdown procedures

    This information and more is stored on the special chip that Epson inks are fitted with. Based on the above results, a determination will be made by Epson UK on the supply of a replacement ink. It is normally found that customers simply  lose track of how many pages they have in fact printed. Also common is incorrect shutdown of the printer or a high quality print setting being selected as the default.

I used a chip re-setter on my old Epson inks and now my printer seems to have blocked heads.

Chip re-setters are a third party product that are designed to reset the Epson cartridge chip for purposes of getting more pages out of your inks and/or refilling Epson inks with non-genuine inferior ink.

There is a very good reason why Epson do not sell chip re-setters and it's not so that they can increase their profits as third party sellers will have you believe. Chip re-setters are dangerous for the continued quality prints an Epson printer has become so well known for producing.

Too many customers have brought in Epson printers to our Express Centre for repair after using one of these nasty devices. Sadly, too often the damage caused is terminal and quite wrongly the customer blames Epson for a poor product. As already mentioned, Epson do not sell chip re-setters for good reason ... buy cheap and you end up buying twice.


The Epson product you sent me seems to have a fault. What can I do?

There are several options available to you should you experience a problem with your Epson product. Have your Epson model and serial number ready for all support options below. If the product is still under warranty, have your original purchase receipt to hand.

  • Contact my office on 01270 879101 and speak to one of my Epson trained technicians (Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm). Or go direct to my Support Forums.

  • For repairs to EPSON Colour laser, Dot Matrix, Projector and Large Format Printers please contact:
    EPSON Business Support Group on 0871 222 6718. Follow the prompts until you are put through to the correct support agent.

  • For all other EPSON products please contact:
    EPSON Customer Services on 0871 42 37766. Follow the prompts until you are put through to the correct support agent.

  • Try the live online chat Mon-Fri 7:00am to 9:00pm

  • Search for your closest Epson Express Centre. Simply enter your postcode in the 'Find A Repair Centre' text box and scroll through the returned list after clicking on the find button to find the closest Epson Express Centre near you. An example for my post code CW25PR of what you should see.


How many pages will a genuine Epson ink print?

This question comes up often. Please follow the link to check average page yields.

Common Epson printer yields


Why buy genuine Epson?

 Buying genuine sealed Epson inks, toners and accessories from me assures you of two things.

1. That your printer is getting the best possible Epson product to give you perfect print quality without damaging your printer.
2. If anything goes wrong, you have a nationwide network of Epson Express Centres ready to help you on behalf of Epson UK.

You will get all round service, all round performance and all round support from using Genuine Epson Toners and Accessories

If you have any problems fitting your new inks, toners or accessories - call me for free advice.

Free advice
Rapid on-the-spot repair or replacement (for those that choose to collect your product)
Comprehensive range of Epson inks, toners, papers and accessories (not always on my eBay shop as Epson's range is so huge)

As an Epson Express Centre, we can do for you what few high street shops can do. If the Epson product you want is not on my eBay Shop I can get it for you direct from Epson. Just contact me and I will arrange for a new product to be added to my eBay Shop.



Your eBay item shows you have plenty of stock. Why have I received a Short Stock notification?

My stock levels are based on my buying account and stock levels at Epson UK. I am not however the only one buying from Epson UK. On rare occasions demand overtakes supply and I have to wait for Epson Manufacturing to catch up with demand. This usually only takes a few days though.